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Established in the early 1900s by Waldemar Andrén, Boråstapeter has a rich history rooted in the vision that "all Swedes should be able to afford to create a more beautiful home with the aid of wallpaper." Over a century later, the brand and the world have evolved, prompting an update to the original vision: "Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home."

With pride spanning more than a century, Boråstapeter has been dedicated to producing wallpapers that not only resonate with contemporary tastes but also hold enduring value—both on walls and in people's hearts. We celebrate the timeless classics of today and tomorrow, emphasizing lasting value through a fusion of style and quality, coupled with production methods ensuring a long lifespan.

Boråstapeter are the destination for wallpapers that transcend trends, embodying the essence of style, quality, and a century-old commitment to making homes beautiful.