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Julie Feels Home

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Manufactured in Germany by Hohenberger and distributed by Galerie, the Julie Feels Home wallpaper collection boasts a unique and exquisite collection of wallpaper designs mixing pattern and plain, Twin Wall murals coupled with floor to ceiling pattern and co-ordinating plains. Monstera wallpaper takes inspiration from the tropical forests of Central and South America and features bold, over-sized leaves whilst Tilla wallpaper features dense lime trees created with tiny over-lapping dots infused with a subtle metallic shimmer creating a captivating scene. Paeonia wallpaper pays homage to the 32 varieties of Peony blossoms found in our parks and gardens presented in a captivating and modern hand painted style.

Although there are patterns within this collection that can be hung together, due to batch variations, a true colour match cannot be guaranteed.

Hohenberger Feel wallpapers are dispatched from Galerie with a delivery timescale of approximately 5 to 7 business days.